4 September 2019 - Why do purpose statements and clear accountabilities matter?

10 months ago

Our overall Transport cluster purpose is To make NSW a better place to live, work and visit. It tells people what we stand for and serves as a ‘North Star’ to keep everyone clear on our direction.

A purpose statement for each division is essential in achieving clarity, and for illustrating to everyone how your part of the organisation will improve the lives of customers and communities. Here are all the DRAFT purpose and accountabilities for all of the Divisions.

Over the last few weeks, leaders have spent time working in teams to really drill down into ‘why’ we come to work, and getting clear on what the teams in each division do and how they contribute to Transport achieving its purpose.

Through this work, the draft purpose statements and accountabilities for each new division are now available on the divisional pages.

Have a look at them and think about the work you do in your role, and how it aligns. Is your division’s purpose compelling? Do the accountabilities cover the breadth of your work? Share your thoughts and feedback online or via email.

We’ll be finalising these later in the year so there is plenty of time to have your say.