28 November 2019 – RMS and TfNSW come together on 1 December; find out what it means for you

7 months ago

We have been working together for many months but from 1 December, legislation will take effect to bring us together as one organisation. This is a significant milestone and enables us to take the next steps in strengthening our ability to deliver integrated transport solutions across NSW and better customer and community outcomes.

Here is what you need to know now

· The legislation will come into effect on 1 December – from this date, the functions and responsibilities of RMS and TfNSW will be performed by the integrated TfNSW organisation.

· We don’t need to change everything straight away from 1 December, any references to RMS will be legally taken to mean TfNSW automatically. This includes references in existing documents or in legal proceedings already underway.

· We have a plan – we are going to roll out changes, such as to brand, delegations, policies and procedures, IT, finance and procurement, in a phased and ordered way to minimise the impact on our operations.

· Awards, policies and procedures will continue to apply as they do today.

· Employee commitments – there were some commitments made in the legislation which you can read more about in the legislation factsheet and Q&A.

What’s happening from 1 December?

While most things are business as usual, you will start to see some changes from next week including:

· Using TfNSW branding like letter head, templates and email signatures –information will be available to support you to implement the brand changes.

· Most RMS email addresses will change to Transport email addresses on the evening of Tuesday 3 December and more information is coming.

· Communications to stakeholders and suppliers – we are sending an update to all suppliers and stakeholders early next week to notify them of the changes.

More information

More information and details will come on Monday and from then onwards as we roll out changes to systems, processes and branding over time. If you have any questions in the meantime, email evolvingtransport@transport.nsw.gov.au.

Stay tuned for more information.