1 November 2019 - Scope of 2020 Sydney office moves confirmed

3 months ago

Our Future Workplace strategy is being delivered in phases. The first phase in 2020 focuses on bringing teams together into new and existing sites across Sydney CBD and northern Sydney. Find out more.

The Future Workplace program is focused on creating consistent workplace experiences across the cluster, bringing teams together and consolidating our property footprint in line with NSW Government accommodation policy. Over time, this means we will review all of our office accommodation across NSW and look for opportunities to bring our teams together where it makes sense.

This is all about enabling our teams across the cluster and across the state to work better together and to be able to work differently. This will underpin the success of our new operating model and enable us to deliver better customer and community outcomes.

The first phase of moves in 2020 is focused broadly on our Sydney CBD and northern Sydney office locations. Plans for our remaining Sydney metropolitan offices - including those in Parramatta, Burwood and Southern Sydney – are currently under review and will inform our strategy from 2021 onwards.

Locations in scope for 2020 workplace moves

The scope of the Future Workplace program has changed with Evolving Transport as we needed to review our accommodation across the entire cluster and reflect our new operating model.

The locations in scope for review in this first phase include the buildings we need to move out of in 2020, as well as our owned and longer-term leased sites across Sydney CBD, Rozelle, Milsons Point and North Sydney.

Proposed new locations include our new Hubs in Macquarie Park and Sydney CBD, and the sites we are retaining. Teams currently located in the retained sites may move to new locations in order to be co-located with their teams and stakeholders.

In some cases, conversations will also be had with teams at other sites if it makes sense to co-locate teams that need to work closely together.

When will I find out where my team is moving?

More information on proposed new 2020 Sydney workplace locations will be communicated from Monday 18 November in a series of briefings and you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the moves up until 6 December.

Got questions?

Keep an eye on the Future Workplace intranet page for more information, visit the Evolving Transport Q&As page for questions around workplace location consultation or email the project team at futureworkplace@transport.nsw.gov.au with any questions.