4 November 2019 - Secretary’s Evolving Transport message; start of consultation

3 months ago

Hi everyone,

Over the last six months we have been evolving as an organisation to build on our success and take the delivery of integrated, customer-centred services to the next level.

Our challenge has been to organise ourselves more effectively and work differently with our customers, stakeholders and partners so we can successfully deliver Future Transport. That’s why we embarked on the Evolving Transport program and today we’ve reached a significant milestone with the announcement of the proposed top level structure and functions for each division across the Transport cluster.

My video explains how the proposed structure will support us in working together to deliver better customer and community outcomes.

Detailed information about each division’s top level structure and functions will be shared by your division leader today.

I’d like to thank everyone who has provided feedback on everything we’ve proposed so far. Your ideas and insights have been integral to our decision making and it has influenced our thinking around how we work right across the Transport cluster, not just how we work within divisions. A key priority for our transformation is putting a real focus on our people. As Secretary, I’m very passionate about leading an organisation where everyone can have their say and help shape our future.

I’m now looking forward to hearing what you think about these proposals, so please take a good look at all the changes for each division and keep sending us your feedback.

All the information will be available on this website and you can provide your thoughts on the proposals until 29 November.