27 September 2019 – Thanks for all your input. What’s next?

8 months ago

Thank you to all who have contributed so far as the important foundation planning phase is drawing to a close. You have provided vital input to the co-design process by sending your feedback and inputs through surveys, and participating in working groups, online discussions, forums, one-to-one and group sessions.

Some important pieces of work have now largely been completed, providing us with insights and information from across the organisation, which have positioned us to move into detailed organisation design.

So far through foundation planning we have:

  • Created divisional purpose and accountability statements which help us understand what each division will do.
  • Created common divisional accountabilities
  • Identified the many layers of interdependencies and intra-dependencies that exist across the organisation and will inform the design of our divisions and functions.
  • Identified workstreams to develop whole of organisation ‘ways of working’ for keys areas such as safety, asset management and capital projects. These workstreams will establish standards and systems to help us optimise what and how we deliver for our customers.
  • Developed divisional metrics and KPIs for each division to inform business planning.

Have a look at the infographic to see the amount of work that has been done to date and how you have been involved.

What’s next?

This next phase of the organisation design process will give you chance to see how all the feedback you have been providing so far is helping to shape the design of our organisation.

Now we have clarity on the purpose and accountabilities for each division, we now need to determine what functions inside each division are required to deliver the work. So from here People and Culture will be working with each division to do this.

Consultation on top-level structures and key functions for each division is likely to commence in November.

It is taking time for us to establish ourselves in our new operating model, however Transport is a large organisation, it is complex and we want to take the time to ensure we get as right as possible.

We want to continue to listen to as many voices as possible and we want you and your teams to know its ok to be able to suggest something new and to ask questions. This means we are taking the opportunity to build the right organisation for the future.