23 October 2019 – Secretary’s Evolving Transport update

7 months ago

I’d like to update you on the next steps in designing our Transport cluster and give you more information about workplace location changes and how you can get involved to have your say on these important proposals over coming weeks.

Thanks to the many of you who have provided feedback on divisional accountabilities and interdependencies – this has been a key input into designing the functional model.

On Monday 4 November we will be sharing the proposed top level structure and functions of each division which includes outlining where teams will sit in the new structure, at a high level. These will be available to view on the Evolving Transport website, which means everyone can see the full picture for Transport, ask questions and give feedback over a four-week consultation period from 4-29 November.

Direct reports to Deputy Secretaries (and equivalents) will be briefed to ensure they understand any impacts for their functions.

RMS and TfNSW teams will be invited to attend briefings, and a range of face-to-face and online engagement activities will take place at multiple locations to make sure people from across the Transport cluster have an opportunity to hear more about the proposed structures.

Future Workplace – update on office workplace changes

We are close to finalising a detailed workplace strategy, which is all about making collaboration easier and ensuring our people’s experience in the workplace is more consistent across the Transport cluster, for both our regional and metropolitan Sydney offices.

In Sydney, our planned workplace strategy involves consolidating into new hubs over the next 4 years, starting with Macquarie Park and Sydney CBD in 2020.

The first phase of moves in 2020 is focused broadly on our Sydney CBD and northern Sydney office locations, with reviews thereafter of the remaining Sydney metropolitan locations.

More information on proposed new 2020 Sydney workplace locations will be communicated from Monday 18 November and you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the moves up until 6 December.

I understand that work location is a very important issue for everyone and a significant consideration in your work-life balance, that’s why we are aiming to give people as much information and notice as we can.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the hard yards that people are putting in to keep on delivering better transport outcomes for the customers and the communities we serve.

My thanks also to everyone for engaging with the changes we are making. I look forward to hearing your views as we continue transforming our organisation.

Rodd Staples