20 November 2019 – Proposed Sydney 2020 workplace moves; consultation now open

8 months ago

Consultation on proposed team locations for Sydney 2020 office moves is now open. From today, leaders are briefing teams on this proposal.

View the consultation pack and find out where teams are proposed to move to next year. If you do not see your team on the list, your team is not in scope to move in 2020.

We understand location announcements impact both teams and individuals, so feedback is welcome on what has been proposed. The focus for the consultation period is to make sure that proposed locations meet the needs of the business and our customers, so please provide feedback on information that want leaders to consider in assigning team locations, any gaps or conflicts in the information provided, and any other questions or support you need.

Information and support for managers and individuals on managing those impacts will be available following the consultation period.

Make sure you visit Future Workplace for more information about new workplaces, FAQs and to submit your feedback on the proposal, which you can also do anonymously.

Consultation on proposed 2020 Sydney locations is open until 5pm, Friday 6 December.