16 October 2019 – Future Workplaces update

8 months ago

The Future Workplace program is focused on creating consistent workplace experiences across the cluster, bringing teams together and consolidating our property footprint in line with NSW Government accommodation policy. Over time, this means we will review all of our office accommodation across NSW and look for opportunities to bring our teams together where it makes sense.

Across regional NSW we are conducting a strategic review of the accommodation portfolio to deliver modern, efficient and agile workplaces that are consistent across the whole of Government, support service delivery, encourage collaboration and allow flexibility.

In Sydney, we are currently focusing on the moves into our new Macquarie Park and Elizabeth St, CBD Hubs, and the moves out of the buildings where our leases are ending in 2020.

Thanks to everyone who completed their Future Workplace team and individual surveys in July and August. We've been busy analysing this data to understand how teams currently work, who they work with and any special requirements. We're currently 'playing this back' to Divisional leaders via a series of workshops.

We understand moving to a new home office location is a significant change and you need time to understand and assess how it affects you and start any required planning, so we're working to give you as much notice as possible.

Using the business requirements gathered through surveys and engagement with leaders, scenarios are being developed to inform the recommendations about which teams will be co-located.

At the same time, we are working with the Deputy Secretaries in each Division to understand the team co-location requirements of the proposed new functional models. These proposed new work locations will be announced in alignment with the Evolving Transport consultation, likely to happen in November.

If you are based at Lee St Chippendale, Pitt St Haymarket, Zenith Tower & Help St, Chatswood and Giffnock Ave Macquarie Park​ click here to find out how you can get involved in a range of engagement activities kicking off this month.

Keep an eye on the Future Workplace intranet page for more information or email the project team at futureworkplace@transport.nsw.gov.au with any questions.